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NW District Convention 2021

From September 12th through 19th, Oregon Buddhist Temple will be hosting BCA's Northwest District Convention -- The Appreciation, Realization and Transformation of Buddhist Living. This is our first attempt to host a virtual convention!!

Please check out our Convention page to know more about our amazing Keynote Speaker, Rev.Peter Hata (Higashi Honganji Los Angeles Betsuin), and about our wonderful and unique presenters -- Nobuko Miyamoto, Kim Stafford, Brian Koichi Mizushima, Rev.Ko'e Umezu and Rev.Yuki Sugahara! We are so excited to have these amazing speaker and presenters for this convention!!!

Also please check out the Convention Program page for Schedules. These pages will be updated as more details are finalized.

Here is the registration form :

Please come join us for the Convention, September 12 - 19!


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