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Dharma School Classes will start on Sunday, September 25th, 2022.

Please write to   for more information!

OBT Dharma School is for families with students 12th Grade and under, to develop student/ families to understand what it is to be a Pure Land / Jodo Shinshu Buddhist at the Oregon Buddhist Temple. The school year starts in September, and will last till June.  Classes are held on every  Sunday right after the service in person


Dharma School Classes:  The regular Dharma School sessions has restarted virtually. 

Please register your child.  (link below)  

Suggested donation for the year is  $25/child.

       Lumbini (Kindergarten and Under)

       Bodhi (1st-3rd Grades)

       Sangha (4th -6th Grades)

       Dana (7th - 12th Grades)


Nenju Curriculum:  Rev. Sugahara has created a program to encourage students with level requirements symbolized with different color wrist nenju. It has minimum standards for knowledge / performance of certain Jodo Shinshu rituals, basic teachings / history, help around the temple,  and attendance to the services and Temple Activities.

Volunteers ! :   We have several OBT volunteers, supervised by Rev. Sugahara – who work hard to run Dharma School.  You can support, too… families can help with numerous events we have throughout the year!  Please contact Dharma School through the e-mail below, or in person at the temple! 

If you are interested in Dharma School about enrollment, curriculum and activities, please contact us at :    

Artworks on this page were all created by OBT Dharma School students.