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NW District
Convention Schedule

The  schedule of major events is below.  Please note that while each presentation has been listed to “premier” on a specific day, all of the recordings will be offered over the entire duration of the conference via YouTube.

Northwest District Convention Schedule


September 12, 2021

"Discovering the Student Within"

Keynote Talk by Rev. Peter Hata.

Higashi Honganji LA Betsuin, Founding member of Hiroshima 

OBT Kim Stafford photo by Rob Reynolds.jpg

September 13, 2021

"Tapping On The Bell Of Silence"

State of  Oregon Poet Laureate, emeritus

OBT Rev Umezu.jpg

September 14, 2021

Featured Talk :
Rev. Ko'e Umezu                   
via YouTube

"The Art of Shinjin"

Asst. Minister WLABT,

Illustrator, Storyboard artist

OBT Koichi photo.jpg

September 15, 2021

"Seeing Is Believing"

BCA Youth Coordinator

OBT N Miyamoto.png

September 16, 2021

"Nobuko Miyamoto: Relocation, Race, Love, and Revolution" 

Singer-songwriter, Dancer, author, Cultural Activist

Interviewed by  Wynn Kiyama


September 16, 2021

「仏教と A R T

Minister at Oregon Buddhist Temple

菅原祐軌師 日本語法話

Virtual Team Meeting

September 18, 2021

Live Panel Discussion
via Zoom

Rev. Peter Hata,  Kim Stafford, Rev. Ko’e Umezu,  Koichi Mizushima, Nobuko Miyamoto  

Please register to get more info!

Moderator: Angie Hughes

dog in stripped shirt

September 18, 2021

Hospitality Room
via Zoom

Meet and chat with

other convention participants in

relaxed fun environment!

Please register to get more info!


September 18, 2021

Jr.YBA with Bishop Harada
via Zoom

Bishop Marvin Harada

with Youth (13 -18)

Please register to get more info.

moderator: Koichi Mizushima


September 19, 2021

Closing Service
via YouTube

Closing Service for 74th NW District Convention.

Dharma message by Rev. Yuki Sugahara

The ART of Buddhist Living by Reverend Yuki Sugahara

When I was a university student in Kyoto, I lived in the area famous for Nishijin brocade. When I walked around my neighborhood, I could hear the sound of weaving. To weave fabric, there must be a warp and weft. Beautiful fabric cannot be woven without the warp or weft, as the weft would fall on the ground without the warp.

The word we often hear at the temple, sūtra, has the same meaning as warp. Shan-tao, one of the Seven Pure Land Masters, described the sūtra (warp) as holding the truth (weft) well and conveying the truth to the people—that is why it is called sūtra. From this metaphor, I believe that we are able to weave a beautiful fabric of life because our lives (weft) are held well by the sūtra (warp). So, all our lives, supported by the sūtra, are beautiful fabric, just like an art, and each fabric is unique. At this virtual convention, we would like to hear unique stories of appreciation, realization, and transformation through encountering the dharma.

  • APPRECIATION is often expressed in Shinran Shonin’s writings. Shinran Shonin expressed the joy in life, and this joy came from his appreciation of encountering the teaching throughout his travels of life. By encountering the teaching of the nembutsu, we are nurtured to appreciate others with the mind of Okagesamade (because of the efforts and sacrifices of others). With this in mind, participants would like to hear stories of Appreciation.

  • REALIZATION of one’s limitations and knowing that we are not perfect is why Amida Buddha established the Forty-Eight Vows. Realization of the limitation of the self leads us to appreciation, and realizing and understanding the limitations of our self also leads us to transformation of our actions. Participants would like to hear stories of Realization.

  • TRANSFORMATION is how our action changes after we encounter teachings. We will continue to be burdened by our blind passions, such as the three poisons (greed, anger, and ignorance), but, now guided by Buddhas, we realize the importance of caring not only about the self, but also about others. Participants would like to hear stories of Transformation.

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