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Shin Buddhist Service Book  P.65

Shin Buddhist Service Book PDF  P.75

The gatha Junirai was written by Nagarjuna (c.2nd-3rd cent. BCE) the 1st. of the Seven Masters of Jodo Shinshu. It expresses eloquently the depth of Nagarjuna's gratitude of the Amida Buddha.

Nagarjuna's Madhyamika philosophy is considered by many to be the foundation of Mahayana Buddhism. His exposition of the essential Buddhist concept of "interdependent origination" (pratiya-samutpada) clarified how all beings are seen as existing only in interrelationship with others, and thus without permanent or individual reality. Because of the truth of interdependent existence we are able to benefit from the activity of the Buddha's compassion in our lives.

For those unable to pursue the "difficult Path" of cultivating the monastic practice of mental and moral discipline, Nagarjuna advocated the "Easy Path" of calling the Name of the Amida Buddha.

(The English translation of this gatha is from the Shinshu Seiten, Jodo Shin Buddhist Teaching, published by the BCA, 1978.

from SBSB.

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