Obon Dance 2021

Hi all!

Welcome to the Obon Bon odori page.    Below you will find a description of what we did this year with links to Sensei’s message, and the three dance videos.    The “how to dance” lessons and information are below the three dance videos.   A long page with a lot of information.       


The 2021 Virtual Bon Odori for Oregon Buddhist Temple was a hybrid - live on zoom and filmed. For virtual, we did a dance introduction and review of the dance steps live on zoom.   That allowed us to connect and interact. Then we played the video of the leaders group dancing in the parking lot of the temple where we usually have Obon. (We were all vaccinated so no masks :-).  We could all dance "together" in our homes but with familiar people in a familiar place  on the screen. The dances were in three groups with a break in between for visiting -- just like at regular Obon.


The dances included in the first video are Bon Odori Uta, Riverside Ondo, Mottainai, and Hiroshima Ondo.    In the second video dances are Pokemon Ondo, Bon Odori Song, Ocha Tsumi Ondo, and Portland Ondo.    And in the last video dances are Fukushima Bon Uta, Nippon Daiko, and Tanko Bushi. 


As usual, if you have any questions or want to say hi, you can reach me at obon@oregonbuddhisttemple.com


Thank you for dancing with us. 

Chris sensei

2021 Virtual Obon Bon Odori List

 01  Bon Odori Uta     uchiwa

02  Riverside Ondo  

03  Mottainai          tenugui

04  Hiroshima Ondo   

            Break – 10 minutes

05  Pokemon Ondo  

06  Bon Odori Song    

07  Ocha Tsumi Ondo      uchiwa 

08  Portland Ondo   

            Break – 10 minutes

 09 Fukushima Bon Uta (Soma Bon Uta) 

10  Nippon Daiko 

11  Tanko Bushi    


Below are the YouTube titles of each of the videos and the YouTube links.  


OBT Bon Odori - 2021 Virtual Obon - 00_Rev Sugahara Greeting



OBT Bon Odori - 2021 Virtual Obon - 01_First Four Dances



OBT Bon Odori - 2021 Virtual Obon - 02_Second Four Dances



OBT Bon Odori - 2021 Virtual Obon - 03_Last Three Dances