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We are a sangha of diversity. Some members come from families who have practiced Jodo Shinshu Buddhism for generations while others are beginning a new tradition. This guide is meant to share the many opportunities for participating in the sangha. Each person’s way is unique and appreciated. There are no requirements or expectations. 


OBT Resources and Activities: 

Sunday services

These are held each Sunday at 10am and last approximately one hour. 

Dharma Exchange:

Online Dharma Exchange will resume on September 25th, in person and via zoom.   All DX sessions begin at 11:00 am.   Join us for casual and interesting conversation and to see your Dharma Friends.

Below is the Zoom sign-in information:


          Meeting ID: 991 9789 7816      Passcode:  103319

Please check the current Newsletter for upcoming Dharma Exchange days.

Dharma School:

This provides an opportunity for children 2-18 to participate in fun activities and learn more about Jodo Shinshu Buddhism.  Currently, Dharma School is held mostly virtually. Please check Dharma School page for more information.

Other Children’s Activities: Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, summer camp, Young Buddhist Association


OBT Choir performs for Special Services and some Sunday Services.

Practices are usually after the Sunday Services.

Special Events:

During the year OBT hosts and participates in a variety of events. These include public lectures and seminars, Obon Festival in August, Spring and Fall Food Bazaars, All Night Nembutsu Retreat, and Buddhism in the Park. For further details see the OBT website or monthly newsletter.

Oregon Buddhist Women’s Association (OBWA):

OBWA sponsor Dharma lectures, conferences and other enjoyable social activities for all temple members.  OBWA also visit members who are physically unable to attend temple services.  Some of the recent activities include participating in Oregon Food Bank, gathering toiletries for homeless women, and various craft making sessions.

For OBWA meetings, please go to the page for more information!

Lending Library:

Texts are available in both Japanese and English. The library is open at the same time as the temple.

Getting Involved and Volunteering: 

Volunteering often provides opportunities for members to connect with each other more personally, to share perspectives and traditions. It can be as much a resource for members as it is a means of giving.



Participating on a toban is to give back to the sangha with time and good efforts. Most toban participants join a team that provides refreshments during dharma exchange following service and temple cleaning one month out of the year. There are additionally specialty tobans, these include a garden toban and flower toban.  Please talk to a temple member if you are interested!!

Special Services:

We have special services several times a year, celebrating and commemorating important people and occasions in Pureland Buddhism. Please refer to the Special Services page to find more about those days.

Community Events: The temple hosts and participates in special events throughout the year, such as Obon Fest and Buddhism in the Park. Often volunteer opportunities for these events will be announced at the end of Sunday services.

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