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December Newsletter is Here!


We hope you enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving week!

It really was nice to sit down and remind ourselves what we are thankful for.

Our December Newsletter is up on the Newsletter page.

It starts with Rev.Sugahara's thoughtful Dharma message, followed by our temple president Cathy's message of gratitude (and we cannot thank Cathy enough for her dedication to the temple!) , articles on the temple Pledge, Dharma School, OBWA (great tips on how to spend our time more interestingly!), Study Class, about December Shotsuki Hoyo, an article by Rev. Yasuo Izumi of Buddhist Temple of Southern Alberta, and so much more! Thank you to Shinya for editing the newsletter every month -- each article is great, but you add so much more to it! Right now, our newsletter is only sent electronically, to keep everyone safe, so please share, if you know someone who may be interested.

Here are some links to get the newest information, and to stay connected:

8am Everyday for short morning service

10am Sundays for Sunday Service

Oregon Buddhist Temple Facebook Pages

In case you have missed it, or would like to see it again, here is the Special Music Service by NW District temples that was conducted on November 22nd.


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