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Wedding  / Funeral  / Memorial Services
As we are going through the office changes currently, we may not be able to do all the services per request.


   Wedding in Buddhist Style is available at Oregon Buddhist Temple if you wish to have wedding ceremony at OBT or Buddhist style wedding in some other places.

Funerals and Memorial Services

   Our loved ones who have passed away before us give us opportunities to get together as families and friends, talk about the memories of them and listen to the teaching together on this once in life time occasions of memorial services.

   Those who have passed away in following year are the year to observe memorial services.


2020 (49th day), 2019 (1st year), 2018 (3rd year), 2014 (7th year), 2008 (13th year), 2004 (17th year), 1996 (25th year), 1988 (33rd year), 1971 (50th year), and 1919 (100th year).







2020 (49日), 2019 (1周忌), 2018 (3回忌), 2014 (7回忌), 2008 (13回忌), 2004 (17回忌), 1996 (25回忌), 1988 (33回忌), 1971 (50回忌), 1919 (100回忌)



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