Bon Odori at Oregon Buddhist Temple

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Sunday bon odori is from 1 – 3pm  in the basement of the Oregon Buddhist Temple and pre Obon practices in July /Aug are at 7 pm in the basement.   Dates in the list.   Lessons are free and everyone is welcome.   This is dancing for joy and community – not performance.    Sunday bon odori is very causal and a lot of fun. 


We are starting to work on the dances we will be doing for this years Obon.   So if you want a “sneak peek” please join us.   



Bon odori sensei  

Bon odori practice dates for 2019


July        16th, 18th,  23rd, 25th, 30th

August  1st.   

Obon is August 3rd.   

No Sunday bon odori  in  August

Sept       8th                          

Oct         13th                         

Nov        10th                      

Dec        8th                      


CLICK HERE for Printable Practice List !    

Dance Practice List

1)  Bon Odori Song

2)  Asadoya Yunta

3)  Miyagi no Bon Odori

4)  Nippon Daiko

5)  Soran Bushi

6)   Joy and Peace

7)   Bamba Odori

8)   Doraemon Ondo

9)   Mottainai

10) Ei Ja Nai Ka

11) Portland Mochitsuki Ondo

12) Portland Ondo

13) Pokemon Ondo

14) Bambutsu No Tsunagari

15) Bon Odori Uta

16) Tanko Bushi

Click HERE for Printable List !

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