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Bon Odori at Oregon Buddhist Temple

Dear Bon Odori dancers

Because there have been issues with zoom and it keeps breaking, I now have my own license to Zoom and we will do bon odori there starting on Thursday, July 15th.        


I am sorry for all the confusion but there have been enough issues with zoom that we need to try an alternative.    Hopefully it’s a very simple and clean transition.    We danced on the old OBT link on Tuesday and we will dance on the new one on Thursday and the rest of the season.  


Let me know if you have any questions.    



Chris,  Bon Odori Sensei

Join Zoom Meeting     (This is the NEW LINK)

Meeting ID:    872 2013 9390
Passcode:    962919


If you wish to be added to the email list for dance practice (Elaine’s regular dancers list), send an email to me at .  If this works well, we will probably resume our Sunday Bon Odori.  

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