Dharma School Portrait Project

Dharma School Portrait Project is an art project by OBT Dharma School students.  Students study about major Buddhist figures, and create a portrait of them.   Rev.Yuki worked on choosing the list of names for this project. 

Prince Shotoku  (574-622)

Prince Shotoku is thought to be the "father of Japanese Buddhism:  and hoped to create a harmonious society by building several Buddhist temples.

By  Martin I.

Nagarjuna  (5th or 4th Century BC)

Nagarjuna is the first of the Seven Masters of Jodo Shinshu. He composed Junirai  (Twelve Adorations) which is about the virtues of Amida Buddha and the wish to deliver all beings to the Pure Land.

By  Yukim N.

Honen  (1133-1212)

Honen was the founder of the first Japanese school of Pure Land Buddhism, and we know him as the Seventh Jodo Shinshu Patriarch. He is thought to have been strict, self-critical, bold, and more concerned with solving the problems of daily life.

By  Daniel K.

Kakushin-ni  (1224-1283)

Kakushin-ni is the daughter of Eshinni and Shinran. When Shinran was old, his daughter took care of him. When her father died, she built a shrine for his ashes and portrait. That was the first "Jodo Shinshu" temple in Japan.

by  Mika W.


By  Mayu G.

Rennyo Shonin

By Mayu  G.

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