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Special Services at OBT


Shusho-ye, or the New Year's Day service, allows us to gather and reflect upon the previous year and look forward to a better life in the new year.


This service takes place on the Sunday closest to January 16, the day Shinran Shonin passed away, and consider his memorial. We express our appreciation for his efforts in making it possible for us to hear and receive the Dharma.

Nirvana Day - Nehan-E

On February 15, Sakyamuni Buddha passed into Pari-nirvana. The Nehan-e service allows us to pay tribute to his insight and noble teachings.


O-higan means The Other Shore (of Enlightenment). It is a service of reflection and thanksgiving to our ancestors. O-higan occurs twice a year during the apring and autumn equinoxes, when day and night are of equal duration.


The birth of Sakyamuni Buddha is celebrated on the Sunday closest to April 8. The historical Buddha was born in the flower garden of Lumbini in modern-day Nepal approximately 2500 years ago. A hanamido (flower altar) decorated with beautiful flowers. A statue of the infant Buddha is placed in the center and those who wish pour sweet tea over the statue.


This day commemorates the day, April 15, 1224, that Shinran Shonin finished the first draft of his most important work the book of Teaching, Practice, Faith and Attainment or Kyogyoshinsho. Jodo Shinshu Buddhists normally regard this day as the founding day of our denomination.


The birth of the Founder of Jodo Shinshu is commemorated annually on the closest Sunday to May 21. Shinran Shonin was born in Hino, Japan, a few miles southeast of Kyoto on May 21, 1173. A dedication ceremony (Hatsumairi) recognizing infants/children and new members is held on this day.


The O-Bon-e service is a Memorial Day for those who have departed before us and is traditionally observed on either July 15 or August 15. OBT observes Obon on the last Sunday of July. It is an occasion for us to remember our ancestors and to thank them for their deeds. Our annual Obonfest is held the first Saturday of August.

Jodo-E Bodhi Day

Bodhi Day is December 8, the day we commemorate the historical Buddha's Enlightenment. This is the day Prince Siddhartha Gautama attained Enlightenment and became the Buddha, the Awakened One. Therefore this day signifies the dawn of humanity's universal emancipation from suffering and ignorance.

Joya-E Year End service

This service is held on New Years Eve when the old year is coming to an end and to express our thanksgiving for Amida Buddha's guidance throughout the past year.

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