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We are a link -- stay connected!


How are you?

We hope you are doing well.

When we are trying our best to stay home to fight the spreading of the Corona virus, it is even more important to stay connected with family, friends and community. Please consider Oregon Buddhist Temple as your family, your friends, and your community. Let us keep in touch! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to listen to Yuki Sensei's morning services (8am PST, everyday) and Sunday Services (10am PST, Sundays). The services will be streaming on our YouTube channel, as well as on Yuki Sensei's Page on Facebook. Yuki Sensei's Dharma messages are uplifting, sometimes funny, and always very relatable.

The programs for Sunday Services are usually uploaded to Facebook pages and website around Friday afternoons (PST), so you will know which sutra will be chanted, and which reading will be read together. Most of the sutras and readings can be found in our Shin Buddhist Service Book -- Rev.Miyaji has made the book into PDF files, THANK YOU!!!

The temple building is currently closed, but that does not mean that we are "closed." The internet allows us to hold meetings and classes, to keep things active.

Today would have been our Spring Food Bazaar. It is a bit sad, but its cancellation makes us realize what fun we actually have at our Food Bazaars -- working with other Sangha members, eating those delicious foods, trying to choose which amazing manju (made by OBWA members!) to take home, meeting old friends, etc. This feeling will make us enjoy the next Spring Food Bazaar so so so much more, right?

So, please stay connected.

Please keep in touch.

We are all in this together, and we are stronger together.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive,

and recite Namoamidabutsu.

Buddhist Churches of America has a phone line where you can listen to our Bishop, Rev.Marvin Harada's Dharma message. If you know someone who does not use internet, but would like to listen to a Dharma message, please pass this information on.



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