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Joint Lady Kujo & Lady Ohtani Memorial Service

On Sunday, February 14th, NW District Ministers Association will premier the Joint Memorial Service of Lady Kujo and Lady Ohtani at 10am PST on their YouTube channel.

-Service Program-

1. Opening Remarks Rev. Jerry Hirano (IOBT)

2. Introduction of Lady Takeko Kujo and Lady Yoshiko Ohtani MA Amanda Goodwin (Spokane)

3. Chanting of Zenshokada Rev. Tadao Koyama (Tacoma)

4. Hyobyaku (aspiration) Rev. Jim Warrick (White River)

5. Chanting of Kisanboge Rev. Katsuya Kusunoki (Seattle)

6. Ryogemon (EN) MA Eric Hammerstrom (Tacoma) / (JP) Rev. Cyndi Yasaki

7. English Dharma Talk Rev. Kathy Chatterton (IOBT)

8. Japanese Dharma Talk Rev. Dr. Mutsumi Wondra (OCBC)

9. English Dharma Talk Rev. Irene Goto (Seattle)

10. Our Pledge MA Brenda Fugate (Oregon MA)

11. Special recognition 1 For Rev. Tadao Koyama presenter: Rev. Jerry Hirano (IOBT) (Received Junsan certificate, Shiki-tan certificate, and Tokubetsu Homuin certificate)

12. Special recognition 2 For Kaikyoshi-ho presenter: Rev. Jerry Hirano (IOBT) (Revs. Jim Warrick, Rev. Anne Spencer, Rev. Kathy Chatterton)

13. Closing Remarks Rev. Jerry Hirano (IOBT)

14. Seiya (Rock version inspired by Ozzy Osbourne's Mama I'm Coming Home) Rev. Yuki Sugahara (OBT)

Seiya composed by Shinpei Nakayama, words by Lady Takeko Kujo

Please join us at 10am on February 14th!



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