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Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year!

Today, January 5th was the first Sunday Service of the the year 2020!

At 9 o'clock, Rev.Sugahara led the first chanting club of the year, by practicing and preparing for the upcoming Hoonko service!

The Dharma message by Reverend was on the goal of Buddhism. If you have missed it, or would like to listen to the message again, please go to our Youtube channel!

The service was followed by the installment of officers for OBT and OBWA. Thank you to everyone on the board for being the leaders of the Oregon Buddhist Temple!

New Year Party was held downstairs, with delicious Bento lunch box. We all had a fun time with delicious food, as Todd MC-ed amazingly as always, Nancy and Ann led the Sangha to sing Obon song and as Rev.Sugahara played Kenshi Yonezu's "Paprika". It was a warm and happy start to the New Year!

I hope 2020 is a wonderful new year for you with good health and happiness.


Upcoming events at OBT

1/8 (Wed) 7pm-8:30pm Intermediate level Buddhist Study Class, by Rev.Sugahara

(2nd and 4th Wednesdays!)

1/12 (Sun) Shotsuki Hoyo for January

1/18 (Sat) 10am-3pm Hoonko Seminar by Rev.Henry Adams

1/19 (Sun) Hoonko Service, guest minister, Rev.Henry Adams

2/1 (Sun) OBT general meeting

2/9 (Sun) Nirvana Day Service, followed by Vegetarian Potluck

2/21 -23 NW District Convention in Seattle


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