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Happy Hanamatsuri!

Wednesday, April 8th is Hanamatsuri, Buddha's Birthday. The ministers of the Northwest District got together this year, to hold a Hanamatsuri service on the very day! Since the service involves multiple ministers from different locations, it will be recorded, and not live streamed. The Joint Hanamatsuri Service by NW District Ministers will be on the following link sometime in the afternoon of April 8th:

Internet has been very instrumental these past few weeks, during this time of social distancing, to keep the Sangha together. Even though we try to stay 6 feet away at grocery stores, we can embrace Dharma messages via Youtube, together. We cannot go attend physical services or the classes at the temple right now, but Rev.Sugahara shares his Dharma messages every morning at 8am (PST) --- even on Sunday mornings, when he gives us a longer service at 10am! He is continuing his Buddhist classes using Zoom, twice a month.

We are learning ways to stay connected in various ways.

Together, we ARE stronger.

Please take care, please stay safe and healthy, and please stay connected.


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