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Glossary of Shin Buddhist Terms

From July 25th to August 14th, Rev. Sugahara shared a series of explanations on Shin Buddhist terms in his morning services. The series can be found on OBT YouTube channel as a play list. (If you have not yet, please subscribe to the channel so you won't miss all the Dharma messages!)

The Glossary of Shin Buddhist Terms series goes as this:

1) Gassho and Raihai

2) O-Nenju

3) Nembutsu

4) Amida

5) Myogo

6) Hongwan

7) Shinjin

8) O-shoko

9) Eko

10) Kansho

11) Kesa

12) Shikisho

13) 安穏 An-non

14) 浄土 Jodo

15) 往生 Ou-jou

16) 正定聚 Shou-jou-ju

17) 涅槃 Nehan

18) 行 Gyou

19) 自力.他力 Jiriki Tariki

20) 宗 Shu

21) 真宗十派 Shinshu Juppa


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