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Exciting Weekend! Saturday Concert and Sunday Dharma Exchange!


it is getting s bit chilly in the morning in Portland, and we are noticing more colored leaves on the trees!

This weekend is an exciting one at Oregon Buddhist Temple.

On Saturday, September 24th, from 7pm to 9pm, we will have a live concert! We are SO excited to welcome back musician Hiroya Tsukamoto!! Tsukamoto's guitar music is very beautiful and touching -- come spend the Saturday evening at OBT and enjoy his music! --- and the temple hondo in the evening feels very special, too!!

This Saturday, invite your friends and family for an evening of beautiful music in a beautiful setting!!!

More information on our performances page :

and on Sunday, September 25th, after our Sunday Service (at 10am Pacific), we will have in person Dharma Exchange!!! First time since the pandemic started!!!! There will be no refreshments, and we are still asking for people to keep masks on. This Dharma Exchange will be led by Rev. Sugahara. Please come join the sangha after the service!!

Dharma School will have the first day of the academic year this Sunday as well!

Below is the link to Dharma School page to refer to the age/class list and registration form, but if you are not familiar with our Dharma School, just come to the temple, and the greeters at the welcome table can help you out! :-)

If you have questions on these events and other temple related activities, please don't hesitate to write to and we will try to reply asap.

If you have questions about Buddhism, and studying Buddhism, please write our resident minister, Rev. Yuki Sugahara :


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