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Eitaikyo Service -- and December Newsletter is Here !!!

On Sunday, November 17th, Oregon Buddhist Temple had Eitaikyo Special Service (永代経), or Perpetual Memorial Service, to honor all those who have passed away, who lived in the Teachings of the Buddha.  Eitaikyo Service gives us an opportunity to see how the connection to those who have passed away helps us to further pursue the path of the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. 

For Children's Talk, Rev.Yuki quizzed the Sangha with a fun OBT History Trivia! Now we know that OBT has been fortunate to have 24 ministers as the Dharma teachers throughout our history. But do you know what numbers "33" and "51" are in the pictures? Check out our Youtube video to see the answers if you missed this talk!

During the service Sangha enjoyed OBT choir performance, and got to chant Shoshinge in a different rhythm than we are used to!

Otoki was served after the service, by OBWA and November toban team. Bowls of warm delicious Udon were enjoyed by everyone. Thank you to OBWA members and November Tobans!

And now for a few things coming soon at OBT !

Our December Newsletter is Here! Check it out for more information on events and the order form for Mochi!

December 7th, Saturday is OBT's 7th Annual Holiday Craft Fair!!!! We have lots of wonderful local artists as vendors, and what's more, there are delicious food and desserts to munch as you shop! See you on December 7th! It starts at 9am!

Sunday, December 8th is Shotsuki Hoyo for the people deceased in the month of December.

There will be Book Club for the Dharma Exchange, and the book we will be discussing in American Sutra by Duncan Williams! Come and let's talk about it over coffee and tea!

December 14th, Saturday, we have Bodhi Day Special Service from 5pm, followed by potluck! Have you been to this once a year evening service? There is something very solemn and yet intimate in the atmosphere of the temple in the evenings! And don't miss the potluck downstairs! There still will be a 10am Sunday Service on December 15th!

December 22th, Sunday, we will have no Sunday Service. Sangha will be making mochi, the rice cakes throughout the day! See to our December Newsletter for the order form! Interested in helping out? Let us know!


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