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Dharma School Shinran Statuette Lesson

Dharma School is wrapping up the year next Sunday.

There will still be some activities during the summer, but the official classes will wrap up with the upcoming field trip -- to Fort Vancouver!

This year, Dharma School was done virtually twice a month -- with a couple of in-person, socially distanced, masked days towards the end. There were supply pick up days, when DS families could pick up supplies for upcoming weeks' classes. In one of the latest supply bag, there were oven bake clay included for Shinran Statuette activity.

Students learned about Shinran Shonin, and made a little statue of Shinran Shonin in his traveling attire. Ann Sensei has created a slide show of the students' and teachers' Shinran statues, please check it out -- they are all so awesome!!

Stay healthy and cool! (Portland is pretty warm right now!!!)


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