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Being Grateful at the Year's End

In gratitude for yesterdays I've seen

In gratitude for gift of life today,

In gratitude for my tomorrows yet to be

I bow in gassho,

Namo Amida Butsu (Shoryu Mori)

This was a verse Sangha read aloud at the last Sunday service of 2019. As the year wraps up, to bring in a crisp new year, we are reminded of the things that had happened up till now.

How was the year 2019 for you? I hope you all had a lot of moments that you can look back with happiness and gratitude.

Thank you for being an important part of Oregon Buddhist Temple. By coming to the temple, by becoming a member, by listening to the temple Youtube videos, by checking on the Facebook pages and the website, by volunteering to various roles at events, by coming to our Obon festival to enjoy food and dance!

We have a few exciting things being planned for the year 2020. Please stay connected to find them out!


Upcoming events at Oregon Buddhist Temple

2019 Dec.31 6pm New Year's Eve Service

2020 Jan.1 10am New Year's Day Service

2020 Jan.5 10am regular Sunday Service

2020 Jan. 12 10am Sunday Service, Shotsuki Hoyo for January

2020 Jan. 18 10am-3pm Hoonko Seminar by Rev.Henry Adams

2020 Jan. 19 10am Hoonko Service

2020 Feb. 2 11am General Meeting

2020 Feb. 9 10am Nirvana Day Service, Vegetarian Potluck

February 21 - 23 NW Convention in Seattle


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