Welcome to Oregon Buddhist Temple !

     We are located in beautiful Portland, Oregon, and are affiliated with the Buddhist Churches of America which is headquartered in San Francisco, California. We have weekly services on Sundays at 10:00am.  All are invited and welcome. 

     We hope that the information on our website helps you in your interest of Buddhist tradition.   Thank you for taking an interest in our temple.

                                 In Gassho,    from The Members of the Oregon Buddhist Temple

Dear OBT Sangha,


I hope everyone is staying healthy and enduring the isolation during this difficult time. COVID-19 has put all of humankind into “unchartered territory.”  Except during WW2 when Japanese American churches and organizations were forced to close, the extended closure of our temple is unprecedented.


OBT will remain closed for now with the hope that we can begin regular services in late summer.  This timing is dependent on guidelines set by proper authorities.  I know you are eager to attend services and activities at the OBT and we will, when it is right.


Fortunately, there are still ways to share the teaching of the dharma.

Please check the Oregon Buddhist Temple website for updates, links and information.  Rev. Yuki is conducting on-line Sunday services and a brief daily morning service with chanting and a “word of the day.”  Also, some dharma school activities have been added to the website.


We are grateful to several individuals who are maintaining and managing things during your absence.  Thank you to the volunteers who:


· do daily checks to make sure our property is secure

· faithfully take care of our bookkeeping, accounting and mail  

· loyally maintain the garden

· diligently keep our website updated

· assist with posting things on the internet

· ensure we have a monthly newsletter (on-line)


If you are in need of any kind of assistance or have questions, please contact Rev. Yuki at ysobtport1and060117@gmail.com or me at the contact email and phone number below. OBT volunteers will try to assist you as well.  Many of you are reaching out to others via phone calls, cards and emails.  Your acts of kindness are appreciated so please continue them.  Even though we are keeping our distances, we can still come together!   OBT is resilient!



Cathy Yarne

Oregon Buddhist Temple


For information from BCA and other temples please check  HERE.

Check out the  Youtube Channel of  Oregon Buddhist Temple? You can watch the latest Dharma messages!!!   

Morning Service Live Stream:

Every morning (Mon-Sun) 8am PST

 Sunday, October 25th


Sutra for chanting


Shin Buddhist Service Book Page 77 -

PDF  Page 85-


Click the image for the PDF file of

Shin Buddhist Service Book.

(Thank you to Rev.Miyaji for the file)

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