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Nirvana Day at Oregon Buddhist Temple

Butsu Nehan Zu, Choko-ji Temple (1421)

Nirvana Day marks the death of the Buddha. The Buddha's death came when he was eighty years old, and had spent forty years teaching after his Enlightenment. He died in a state of meditation, and attained nirvana, a release from the cycle of death and rebirth. His Enlightenment and the achievement of freedom from physical existence and its sufferings came to be celebrated as Nirvana Day.

February 9th was Nirvana Day and Pet Memorial Service at Oregon Buddhist Temple.

It was also February Shotsuki Hoyo. The service gave the sangha a chance to think about the family, friends and pets who have passed away. Here is the Nirvana Day Dharma message by Rev.Sugahara!

The service was followed by a vegetarian potluck. Lots of delicious vegetarian dishes were shared!

A slide show of the Sangha pets that crossed the rainbow bridge, compiled by the older Dharma School students, Mayu and Avery, was presented while people ate. Sweet memories and lots of episodes were shared at the tables.

Here are some of the Sangha pets from the slide show...


Some upcoming happenings at OBT

2/12(Wed) 7pm- Buddhist Study Class (2nd and 4the Wednesdays)

2/21-23 NW District Convention in Seattle.

There will be a service at OBT on 2/23, Sunday at 10am.

3/8(Sun) Shotsuki Hoyo for March. Bon Odori Practice.

3/15(Sun) Spring Ohigan Service


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