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This Sunday! -- BCA Virtual Obon Service

As you may know, Oregon Buddhist Temple is a part of Buddhist Churches of America. The BCA is comprised of 59 churches and temples across the United States that belong to the Jodo Shinshu sect of Buddhism. This coming weekend, BCA ministers and staffs have gotten together to hold Obon Dance and Obon Service virtually.

August 15th is BCA Virtual Obon Dance.

August 16th is BCA Virtual Obon Service!

Please check out more information on BCA Virtual Obon Dance on their website at :

BCA Virtual Obon Service will be premiering on the YouTube channel of Northwest District of Ministers Association. Please subscribe to the channel if you haven't yet at:

The Obon Service will premiere at 10am PST on Sunday, August 16th. Please come join the service with shared Dharma messages from BCA ministers.

Buddhist Churches of America Virtual Obon Service Program 1. Opening Remarks – Rev. Jerry Hirano 2. Chanting of Shishinrai and Hyobyakumon – Rev. Jay Shinseki 3. Chanting of Amidakyo – Rev. Katsuya Kusunoki 4. Reading of the Threefold Refuge – Rev. Candice Shibata 5. Reading of Sankiemon – Rev. Kazuaki Nakata 6. Introduction of the Speaker – Rev. Dean Koyama   7. English Dharma Message – Rev. Tadao Koyama 8. Japanese Dharma Message – Rev. Tadao Koyama 9. Introduction of the Speakers – Rev. Jerry Hirano 10. English Dharma Message – Rev. Marvin Harada, Bishop 11. Japanese Dharma Message – Rev. Ryuta Furumoto 12. Reading of “Shinjin Gyakutoku Sho” – Rev. Harry Bridge 13. The translation of “Shinjin Gyakutoku Sho” – Rev. Ron Miyamura 14. Closing Remarks – Rev. Jerry Hirano Music: “Obon, Obon, its Festival Day” performed by Rev. Harry Bridge Video edited by Rev. Yuki Sugahara


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