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Summer Starts!

"Portrait of Prince Shotoku" by Martin

If you have been to the temple this past month, you may have noticed the change on the wall of the downstairs hall. These are the portraits drawn by Dharma School students this past year. It is still an ongoing project for the students, to learn about major Shin Buddhist figures, and create portraits of the person you have learned about. Next to the framed portraits, are the explanations of who these figures are, written by the students. Come look at all the amazing artworks on the wall! This project will continue onto the next school year starting September. For now, it's the summer vacation for the kids!!

As the school year wrapped up, high school graduates were acknowledged in front of the Sangha. This year, there were four graduates from the temple: Yukaiya, Charlie, Nicole and Lauren. All of them are very smart, talented, unique and kind; we wish them good luck and and we all believe that they will do wonderful things in future!

Dharma School usually celebrate the end of school year by doing something super fun! This year, Dharma School teachers organised a trip to World Museum of Speed in Wilsonville. Here are some snapshots from the field trip, and the fun times on the last day of Dharma School!


Upcoming happenings at OBT

June 22, 23, 28,29 and 30 at 7:30pm

You Are Not My Enemy - Noh Performance at OBT.

Saturday, June 29 9:00am to 11:30am

Oregon Food Bank !

August 3 is our Obon Fest! Come Dance, Eat, and have FUN!!!!

There will be Kimono Sale prior to the festival too!

Check our Obon page, new information will be added daily!



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