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Sukiyaki Bazaar 2018 !

The annual Sukiyaki Bazaar, one of the main fund raisers for Oregon Buddhist Temple was held on October 7th this year. The drizzly weather did not discourage people to come prep food prior to the event; to measure out the ingredients, to make the stocks, to cut up some ingredients, to prepare chow mein noodles in specific ways, to fold boxes for to-go orders... and so much more. An amazing number of people share their time and effort for days of preparation each year.

Sukiyaki Bazaar started at 11am, but people were there from early morning to prepare for the day. There were Omiyage Store by OBWA, Dessert Bar by Dharma School downstairs. Beautiful Calligraphy and Flower Arrangements were displayed in the hondo. Autumnal plants were being sold in the entryway.

The kitchen was filled with the delicious smell of grilled chicken and simmering sukiyaki stock, making everyone hungry...

Visitors were already lined up when the ticket counter opened at 11am, at the start of a very busy Sukiyaki Bazaar! The first few hours were non stop working for cooking, waitress-ing and buss-ing crews. But having the room full of people enjoying food and

company of each other was so worth the effort for many.

Thank you to the chairs of the event, Carol and Elaine, who made it happen so smoothly and positively. Thank you to everyone who worked, and thank you to everyone who came. If you have not tasted our Sukiyaki (beef or vegetarian), our Chicken Bento, or our Chow Mein, mark your calendar for the next year!!! You will not regret!!! Come meet new and old friends over delicious food!



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