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OBT goes to Natsumatsuri !

"Two Teriyaki and one Miso!"

"One Wasabi, One Ume, and a Miso!"

"Two Miso and One Ume!!"

OBT had a busy Saturday at Beaverton Uwajimaya's Grilled Corn booth! This was the second time for OBT to participate in the big Japanese cultural festival. Chaired by Matt (great job chairing for the first time!), volunteers took shifts from preparing flavored butters, setting up the booth, getting the cartons of corns, husking them, putting sticks in them, grilling them, selling them, and finally cleaning up! All the while constantly throwing away the tons of shelled husks and sanitizing the utensils!! Getting ice to keep everything clean and safe.

It was a busy and fun time for everyone! Even though it is only a week before our BIG Obonfest, Sangha members stepped up to sell tons of grilled corn today! We have an amazing Sangha!!!

And now, we get busy for Obonfest on Saturday, August 3rd.

We will have grilled corns, along with other delicious food!

You can tell we have become pretty good at grilling corns after today -- so come get our grilled corns at our Obonfest! (and other delicious food too!! )


Upcoming happenings at OBT

8/3 (Sat) Obonfest !

8/4 (Sun) Clean up of Obonfest -- no Sunday Service!

8/11(Sun) Shotsuki Hoyo for August. Japanese Howa and Book Club.

8/18(Sun) Nikkei Community Picnic at Oaks Park

9/2 (Mon) Gomonshu's visit to OBT



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