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Dharma School Dessert Bar!

So you saw how people were busily cooking and serving Sukiyaki on October 7th... What do you think the kids were doing during that time? The kids were working hard on setting up and staffing the Dessert Bar that whole time! With the help from Dharma School staffs, families and OBWA members, Dharma School students ran the Dessert Bar during the Sukiyaki Bazaar. Just look at the photos of the treats above! These are just a small part of what were served at the Dessert Bar.

Dharma School students made all the signs, and with the help of supervising grown ups, had set up the Dessert Bar hours before the Sukiyaki Bazaar started.

On regular Dharma School days, students are divided into different classes to work on age appropriate activities, but for events such as this, all the students work together. Older students get to show how to do certain things to younger students, and younger students get to see those older kids are not too bad to hang out with...

Great job, everyone, on working at the Dessert Bar and welcoming people with big smiles and yummy treats!!!

And thank you to everyone who donated all the treats. Everything was amazing!



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