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December Newsletter!


We hope you had a good Thanksgiving -- if you were celebrating it this week! Thanksgiving is a wonderful occasion to remember and think about what we are grateful for.

We also just had Eitaikyo / Perpetual Memorial Service to appreciate our predecessors of Dharma teachings. Please check on our YouTube channel for Rev.Yuki's Eitaikyo message, and read his article on our December Newsletter!

Please check out Rev. Yuki's Eitaikyo message, and other messages from our temple Sangha. The newsletter is also a great way to know upcoming schedule of OBT -- have you noticed there will be two Bodhi Day Services coming up? (One by OBT, and one by NW District Ministers Association!!) Please check the newsletter for the dates and links of services and events /meetings coming up.

On every issue of Newsletter, there is a pledge form to become OBT member -- please check out Dr. Ono's article in the newsletter, and we would really appreciate if you consider submitting your pledge!

One more thing --

IF you are shopping online this holiday season (or any time of the year), please consider choosing Oregon Buddhist Temple as your choice of charities for your Amazon Smile program!

Thank you for considering!

Stay Warm!


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