Bodhi Day Service and December Shotsuki Hoyo

Sunday, December 6th is our Bodhi Day Service and December Shotsuki Hoyo.

Bodhi Day celebrates the enlightenment of the historical Buddha (Shakyamuni) under the Bodhi Tree -- bodhi means "awakening" or "enlightenment" in Sanskrit. Bodhi Day Service at Oregon Buddhist Temple, usually has been evening services on a Sunday closest to December 8th. It feels very special to be at the temple in the evening. Hondo feels a little bit more solemn, and the sounds seem to resonate longer. Dharma School students would hand out a paper Bodhi leaf to the Sangha, for them to hang on the Bodhi tree, as they enter Hondo.

This year will be a little bit different.

It will be virtual.

The Bodhi Day Service will start at 10am PST on our YouTube channel.

From our own places, we will all be able to appreciate the enlightenment of the historical Buddha together. Dharma School teachers and families have been working hard with Rev.Sugahara to plan this virtual Bodhi Day Service.

So please come join our Bodhi Day and December Shotsuki Hoyo Service on Sunday, December 6th!

And please stay safe!

Namo Amidabutsu

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