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BCA Art Exhibit 2022

Happy Autumn!

There is a popular phrase "Autumn of Art (geijutu no aki)" in Japanese.

Autumn is a great time for artistic creativity and appreciation -- the weather is cooler but not too cold, and everywhere you look, nature is showing off their gorgeous hues.

Buddhist Churches of America's Online Art Exhibition has just started. This is the second annual one, and a wonderful occasion to see all the artwork submitted by the sangha from BCA temples -- by artists of various generations and backgrounds.

This year’s art exhibit is dedicated to Rev. Masanori Watanabe (Oxnard Buddhist Church, the Buddhist Church of Santa Barabara), who has passed away on November 26, 2021. Rev. Watanabe enjoyed a deep appreciation for art and shared his own expressions in painted works. You will be able to see Sensei's art pieces at this Art Exhibit.

Please enjoy !



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