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4th Sunday... Chaired by Dharma School Students !

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

On the 4th Sunday of each month, Dharma School students help to plan and participate in the regular Sunday Services. This gives them great opportunities to learn and practice the temple manners and Buddhism in front of the Sangha.

On September 30th, with the help from Tamaki, Mika and Aoi greeted the people who came for the Sunday Service.

Rachel was the chair of the day. She came in very early to confirm and work on the details of the service with Ann Sensei. They went over what gathas were going to be sung, and which reading was to be read. There is a basic script for chairing, but each chair gets to make it his or her way. The chair also leads the reading-part of the service, so it is a lot of responsibilities!!

For the children's Dharma message time, Mayu presented her experience of Buddhist Youth Camp she went to this summer in picture book style that she made, titled "Ami the Donkey."

Reverend Sugahara gave his talk, which you can watch on our Youtube channel! Sangha also got to enjoy his ukulele playing of "An-non"!!

The 4th Sundays involve a little extra preparation for Dharma School students and families (and teachers!), but it is a great way to have them involved in the Sunday Services. They gain so much from the experience.

If you are interested in getting involved with Dharma School, come to the temple on Sundays, and/or contact : !

"Ami the Donkey"


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