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We take refuge --

Hello, here we are, more than a week into September.

Pacific Northwest and California, right now, have many, many cases of wildfire.

Portland, where our temple is, have been having orange yellow sky and dense smoky air for several days. Some Sangha had to evacuate for safety, and many know of family and friends who have had to do that. Added to the quarantine situation we have been living in, it gives us a very uncertain feeling.

One of the many causes of the many fires in the west coast, is that our summer being very dry, drying out a lot of vegetation.

On the other hand, in some parts of Asia like Japan and Korea, successive typhoons and heavy rain have been happening.

If only we could balance out the lack of rain, and over abundance of rain.

If only.

It is hard for us to control the force of nature, but we can try to balance what is within ourselves into more harmonious state, especially during this time. Here is a Dharma Message by Rev.Sugahara from Fall Ohigan Service in 2018, talking about the importance of Balance.

Please stay safe.

Namo Amidabutsu.


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