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Thank you, Rev.Sugahara!

Last Sunday was the last Sunday Service with Reverend Yuki Sugahara as the resident minister of Oregon Buddhist Temple. As you may have already read on our recent newsletters, Rev.Sugahara is transferred to Sacramento Betsuin as the Rinban.

While we are really sad to see him go, we cannot wait for all the things he will be doing as the rinban of Sacramento Betsuin!

Rev.Sugahara brought so much to OBT during his 6 years in Portland -- his wonderful Dharma messages and classes, his passion and knowledge for chanting sutras, his music, his eagerness to challenge new technologies as we navigated through pandemic, and he was always there for temple members and temple visitors seeking Dharma. He was knowledgeable, thoughtful and innovative.

We also enjoyed his family - Namiko, Aoi and Hikaru. We are wishing them a great time in Sacramento!

Thank you, Arigatou, Rev.Sugahara, Namiko san, Aoi chan and Hikaru kun, for the great 6 years in Portland!

Many good wishes for your new adventure in California!!!

(Hope you visit us soon!!!)


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