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Rev. Tadao Koyama is our Supervising Minister!

We are very grateful to have Rev. Tadao Koyama from Tacoma Buddhist Temple as our supervising minister!! He has already visited us on July 9th, and gave us a very positive and thoughtful Dharma message. After the service, the sangha got to know him a bit more downstairs over tea.

We cannot wait to get to know Rev. Koyama more in coming days!!

Rev. Koyama will be in Portland for our Obon Festival on Saturday August 5th, and will be giving temple talks in person.

Come to our Obon festival, and meet Rev. Koyama! If you want to meet him in person earlier, Tacoma Temple's Obon Fest is on Saturday, July 29th! Here is more about Rev. Koyama from Tacoma Buddhist Temple website:



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