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OBT @ Oregon Food Bank!

Over 20,000 pounds of apples bagged, 6500 in meats—each volunteer helped feed 408 families!!!

On Saturday, June 29th, OBT families and friends went to Oregon Food Bank to volunteer. It was a very meaningful time, to work together with Sangha members. Thank you to everyone who participated! Thank you to everyone who made this happen!! And please keep your eyes open for next event like this in close future -- and do join us! :-)

Thank you to Angie Hughes for all the photographs of the day!


Upcoming events

July 7 (Sun) Japanese Howa by Rev.Sugahara, after Sunday Service

July 13(Sat) Obon Services in Nokotsudo (9am), Gresham (10am), Rose City (11:30)

July 14(Sun) Obon/Hatsubon Service, Shotsuki Hoyo for July

Aug 3 (Sat) Obonfest !!!!!


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