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Holiday Craft Fair 2018

Saturday, December 1st, was the 6th Annual Holiday Craft Fair at Oregon Buddhist Temple. Hondo and downstairs hall were filled with local artisan vendors for the day.

The morning was overcast and chilly, your typical Northwest weather morning, but once you opened the front door of the temple, the cheery holiday feeling permeated the air. As you walked into the Hondo, into a usually solemn and calm space, you were greeted with colors, lights and Holiday music. From felted fluffy rice balls to cool green terrariums, from vibrant quilts to handmade candles, every booth attracted the visitors with their unique handcrafts.

The downstairs hall was also full of interesting vendors. There were beautiful pottery, some woodwork using reclaimed wood, gorgeous jewelries, and so much more! Downstairs also had a sitting area where you could enjoy the comfort food the temple members were offering. Who can resist shopping for holiday gifts, along with a hot bowl of chili or a generous piece of decadent chocolate stout cake?

What makes the OBT Craft Fair very unique, is that it is operated in a very friendly and thoughtful way. The temple members are there from the start to the clean up time, to help out with the visitors and the vendors. You see long time temple members sitting in for the vendors when they need to leave the space for something. You see them bringing hot chocolates and grilled cheese sandwiches to the vendors when they cannot take a break. The kitchen was full of people preparing and cleaning up the delicious food and snacks throughout the event. All day long, the organizers, Angie and Ryan were everywhere seeing how things were running, and if anyone needed anything.

The photos may give you a glimpse of the fun event -- come to the 7th Annual Holiday Craft Fair next year ... to fully enjoy it!!!



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