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5pm, Saturday, January 21 -- Taiko Dinner at OBT!!!

We have a fun, exciting event coming up this Saturday!!!

Takumi Taiko will be performing LIVE at Oregon Buddhist Temple on Saturday, January 21st. Please visit their website to learn more about the wonderful Taiko performers --

The fun doesn't stop there!

This is an opportunity to enjoy the delicious ramen dinner at the temple!!!

We have Mildly Spicy Shoyu Ramen with Cha Shu Pork, and Vegan Ramen with Age (fried tofu), kimch, bean sprouts and green onions. There will be garlic edamame and for dessert, some manju!!!

This is going to be a fun and delicious evening at the temple!!!

The event will start at 5pm.

Come enjoy the Taiko and Ramen!!

For presale tickets, please go to;



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