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We Humbly Accept the Good Food

We are having a packed September! The month started with Gomonshu-sama's visit to Oregon Buddhist Temple -- it was very special to experience the service with his message to us, and the ceremony of Giving Buddhist names. Might we add that the potluck that followed was delicious with grilled salmon and other gorgeous dishes! Our annual Picnic in the Park was the Sunday after that. We got to enjoy the wonderful picnic indoors! (Because, Oregon!) The third Sunday was our Ohigan and Shotsuki Hoyo. Have you had a chance to enjoy Ohagi for Ohigan? It is a traditional Japanese sweet made from sticky rice and bean paste. We feed ourselves pretty well at OBT! Our Sangha has many excellent cooks, and we sincerely appreciate and enjoy all that are offered.

Speaking of enjoying the good food, please save the date, Sunday, October 6th, as our Sukiyaki Bazaar will take place! We will have our Delicious Sukiyaki and other foods you must try!! Here are some pictures from last year, and a poster for this year! Follow the link to our website where you can order online! Come enjoy delicious foods, and meet new and old friends! Do you want to meet people through working for Sukiyaki? Do you want to sponsor certain food item? Let us know!

On October 19th, OBT Sangha will participate in "Walk to Feed the Hungry". The funds raised through these walks will support food and education to the farmers in Kenya and Sudan, girls in Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka, children in Haiti, Nicaragua and Malawi, and people in many other countries. Please join if you are able! Come eat Sukiyaki on October 6th, and join our walk on 19th!


Upcoming events

Oct 6 (Sun) Sukiyaki Bazaar

Oct 13 (Sun) Shotsuki Hoyo for October

Oct 19 (Sat) Walk to Feed the Hungry

Oct 27 (Sun) Dharma School visiting the senior members

Everyone is welcome at OBT!


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