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Natsu Matsuri!

The Yuuyake Shimbun, 2018 August issue

Have you visited Natsu Matsuri at Uwajimaya Beaverton on July 28th? It was a fun, packed event celebrating and showcasing the summer and Japanese culture.  OBT had a booth at this event selling grilled corns.  Even though it was right before our biggest event, Obon Festival, lots of OBT members and volunteers came out, and worked hard from setting up in the morning to clean up in the evening.  Just to make it a little bit thrilling, there was even an accident that some members had to rush back to the temple on a truck, to get extra barbecue grill --amidst the heavy traffic across Portland!

The result?  Many happy faces of people enjoying delicious grilled corns -- with three different sauces!!  We had Teriyaki, Miso Butter and Ume Butter -- everyone had a hard time choosing between the three!   

We could not have done this event if it were not for many members and volunteers who came out on that hot weekend to staff the booth, or to enjoy the freshly grilled corn on the cob! 

If you missed it this year, do save a date for next year's Natsu Matsuri!!!


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