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More Numerous Than The Sands of Ganges


How beautiful the starry sky!

Who could know the mystery of the heaven?

When these countless eyes shine brilliantly, my heart is filled with joy!

More numerous than the sands of the Ganges are the Buddhas.

When I hear that they watch over us night and day,

my heart is filled with peace.

We are very fortunate that our resident minister, Rev.Sugahara shares his talent in music, as well as he shares the Dharma at morning services (every morning at 8am PST!!!) and Sunday Services (Sundays at 10am PST)!

"Seiya" (The Starry Night) is composed by Shimpei Nakayama, and words are written by Lady Takeko Kujo. This video is an arrangement by Rev.Sugahara, inspired by Ozzy Osbourne's 'Mama I'm Coming Home'.

This was premiered during BCA Northwest District Ministers Association Joint Lady Kujo & Lady Ohtani Memorial Service on February 14th, 2021. Lady Kujo and Lady Ohtani Memorial Service always remind us to be more compassionate and grateful, that Buddha is everywhere, and we are not alone.

Please stay safe, everyone.

Namo Amidabutsu.

If you have not already done it, please subscribe to OBT's YouTube channel,

where morning services and Sunday Services are happening!!


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