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In Person Dharma School !

This is the picture taken this past Sunday, May 16th.

The temple building, for the past year with the pandemic, had seen only a few people inside. Rev.Yuki would be there for Services that he records or streams. Some of the sangha members would come in to take care of temple businesses and maintenance. Physical access to the temple was kept to the minimum for safety reasons for a whole year -- until this Sunday!

This Sunday, Dharma School teachers organized a short in-person activity during the monthly supply pick up. The students and families, who registered for the day, were divided into small groups, and went around three stations in and around the temple.

Station One was the Hondo. Students learned how the virtual services are produced from Rev.Yuki, how the rice (obuppan) is prepared from Ms.Etsu, and the significance or altar flowers from Ms.June.

Station Two was at the breezy area under the trees behind the parking lot.

There, a long table was set for Uchiwa fan painting. Uchiwa is a big part of Obon Dancing. Each student got to customize their own Uchiwa there.

Station Three was at the Entry way of the temple building.

The teachers with Ms.Christine's help (who oversees the collection of old obutsudans at the temple), set up a few small obutsudan where students could learn how to give incense and greet Buddha.

After learning the manners, students learned how to juggle!

The previous month's supply package had materials for making bean bags.

With the hand made bean bags, the students tried their hands on juggling!

--- and can you guess who is super good at juggling?

It was a fun hour at the temple.

It was so nice to see people in the temple.

Thank you to Rev.Yuki, Etsu, June, Christine and DS teachers for planning and coordinating! Thank you to DS families for coming and helping out, too!

Let's hope for another fun in-person activity in near future!


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