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Fall Ohigan Joint Service : Sunday, September 20th

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

On Sunday, September 20th, Northwest District Ministers Association is holding a joint Fall Ohigan Service from 10am, via YouTube. (

O-higan is one of the major services of Pureland Buddhist tradition. The word "Higan" means "the other shore", a symbolic reference to the Pureland. O-higan is observed twice a year, close to Spring and Autumn equinoxes, when the lengths of the day and the night are equal.

Please join the NW District's joint Ohigan Service on Sunday, September 20th at 10am:

- Service Order for Fall Ohigan Service 2020-

​ 1. Opening Remarks     Rev. Jim Warrick (White River Buddhist Temple)

​ 2. Hyobyaku aspiration     Rev. Tadao Koyama (Tacoma Buddhist Temple)

​ 3. Juseige (Rikkyoku)      Rev. Tadao Koyama (Tacoma Buddhist Temple)

​ 4. Threefold Refuge     Rev. Anne Spencer (Idaho-Oregon Buddhist Temple)

​ 5. English Dharma Talk     Rev. Melissa Opel (Spokane Buddhist Temple)

​ 6. Japanese Dharma Talk      Rev. Yuki Sugahara (Oregon Buddhist Temple)

​ 7. English Dharma Talk       Rev. Jerry Hirano (Idaho-Oregon Buddhist Temple)

​ 8. Reading of Gobunsho “5-1 Matsudaimuchi no Sho”

Japanese: Rev. Katsuya Kusunoki (Seattle Betsuin)

English: M.A. Rev. Rosalie May (Seattle Betsuin)

​ 9. Closing Remarks      Rev. Jim Warrick (White River Buddhist Temple)


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