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Thank YOU for being a part of ObonFest!!

Thank YOU, for being the important part of the ObonFest 2023 - from those who cleaned up the temple grounds weeks starting weeks ahead, those who took orders for lanterns and prepared them, those who cooked all those delicacies (and those who cooled for the working crews!), those who were part of dance practices, folding kimonos, cutting flowers, carrying boxes, and those who worked in the muggy heat on the day of and preceding days -- those who shared the event on SNS, those who came and shared their talents and skills, and those who came, and danced... thank you all! We hope you had a great time.

We hope you will be part of Obon Fest next year!!

Thank you to Rev. Koyama and Rev. Cyndi who came days before the Obon, and were big big part of this year's Obon. We hope you both enjoyed our Obon as much as the Tacoma one!

Oregon Buddhist Temple Sangha is very grateful for the whole community that made it possible to have our in-person Obon this year again!


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