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Thank YOU All for your part in Sukiyaki Bazaar!!!!!

Piping hot Sukiyaki steamed up the camera lens!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! to everyone who helped OBT Sukiyaki Bazaar 2019 happen on Sunday, October 6th! Thank you to the chair who organised all this! Thank you to the procurement person who went around to all the stores to get us the best deal! Thank you to all the generous sponsors!!! Thank you to the people who came for food prep -- and people who provided delicious refreshments for the work teams!! Thank you to the people who cam early that day, to clean, to set up the tables, to cook, to waitress, to bus the dishes, to wash the dishes, to calculate at the cashier, to oversee the flow of the event, and so much more! Thank you to Dharma School students, teachers and families for working hard at the Bake Sale table! And of course, to everyone who came to eat our Sukiyaki, our Chow Mein and our Chicken Bento! You all made it possible, and we hope you had a good time! (and good food!!)

Sukiyaki Bazaar is one of our two food based fundraisers: Spring Food Bazaar (we have been doing Tofu for the past few years) and Fall Sukiyaki Bazaar. It is amazing how the Sangha come together to make these events so much fun. You get to work with people you were not too familiar with. You get to know other Sangha members through grilling the chickens, stirring the hot sukiyaki broth, or packaging to-go-orders!

These events are our important fundraisers, but they are also meaningful instances for us to look at and appreciate our own Sangha and our temple.


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