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"Stars and Dandelions"

In this week's Dharma message titled "Buddha Protects via Our Awareness", Yuki Sensei mentioned "Misuzu Kaneko" and her poem, "Stars and Dandelions".

Misuzu Kaneko (1903-1930) is a Japanese poet, who left over 500 beautiful poems in her short life. Through her poems, with simple words, Kaneko encourages people to be happy, reminding people that there are stars in the darkest sky even if they are hidden in heavy clouds. Here is a part of English translation of "Stars and Dandelions", that was mentioned in the Dharma Talk today:

    Deep down in the blue sky      Like pebbles on the ocean floor      They lie submerged till dark comes...     Stars unseen in the light of day.     You can't see them, still they're there.      Even things not seen are there.

(From Something Nice , translated by D.P.Dutcher)

(This talk and his other Dharma messages can be seen on our Youtube channel)


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