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September Newsletter is Here!


Only few more days of August -- here in Portland, you can already feel the cooler autumn air at times.

Our September Newsletter and Calendar for September / October is up, thanks to Shinya, our amazing Newsletter editor! Please check out the latest newsletter and calendar at our Newsletter Page!

The September issue starts with the Dharma message by Rev. Sugahara -- you will look at elevators differently after reading this!! There are articles about OBWA, Dharma School, Pledge Committee, temple Board, Buddhist Study Class and more. If you are interested in any of these, please consider getting involved! Dr.Ono introduces some interesting lectures and books happening in Portland, and Shinya shares about Seattle Lotus Skyliners Big Band. Cathy's article gives you a glimpse on the temple basement reconstruction. September issue is filled with a lot of information and articles than can be listed here, so please check it out!!

With the approach of September, the NW District Convention is also approaching fast! This week long event -- virtual, for the first time -- will be a fun, and interesting one, as we have amazing keynote speaker and featured speakers!

Please go to our Convention Page, check out the program (which is being updated constantly) and REGISTER so you won't miss any news about it!



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