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September Newsletter is here!

September issue of The Oregon Pureland Path is up on the website!

In this issue, you will find a thoughtful Dharma message from Rev.Sugahara, thoughts from our temple president Cathy, and Board member Marilyn. You will find some news from the recent Board meetings, updates from OBWA, and a report on Virtual Obon. There are more information on Buddhist Study Class, and also an exciting news about upcoming Dharma Exchange! Yes, the Dharma Exchange is going to happen!!!

Also in this issue, Wynn shares an awesome information on the upcoming concert by Portland Taiko and No-No Boy -- you don't want to miss that!

The issue shares the list of names for September Shotsuki Hoyo, and ways you can help our temple. There are more interesting contents than listed here, so please head to the Newsletter page and check out the September issue!

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