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September Newsletter

Happy September!

Schools are starting, and the air is definitely cooling down!

Hope everyone had a nice summer, and is now enjoying the start of September!

We have September Newsletter up on our website!

The newsletter starts with the Dharma message by Rev. Sugahara. It starts with the question from his daughter, on why we put the service book on our heads. Please check out the writing on our September newsletter for the answer!

Newsletter is really a great way to find out how our temple runs, aside from Sunday Services (which are great!! :-) ) You can learn about Service Chairs from Dr.Ono's article, you get to know what Buddhist Women's Association is doing from Nancy, announcements about Dharma School from Ann, and Chris on Dharma Exchange (it's resuming!!!). The tech committee and education committee are working hard to have a safe hybrid Dharma Exchange!

So many in-person activities are coming back to OBT this September!

We will have a music concert by Hiroya Tsukamoto on Saturday, September 24th. Please save the date and experience his amazing music!


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