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Preparing for Obon!

Obon Fest 2019 is less than a month away!

Led by Charley and Jerry, the awesome Obon chairs, OBT sangha is busily preparing for the Obon Fest. New details of this exciting event is being updated on our Facebook pages and the website. There are going to be quite a few new changes this year -- so do come to the temple on August 3rd, and experience our Obon Fest!

One of our big changes is that we are closing up the street in front of the temple, and will have vendors and children's game corner outside!! We will have more vendors this year! Check all these amazing vendors out!

For entertainment, we are welcoming White Lotus Dragon and Lion Dance! Come enjoy the Lion Dance performance, the music of Minidoka Swing Band and the rhythm of Portland Taiko

Many new food items will be on our menu -- there has been lots of tastings and discussions as to how to make each item tastier, easier to eat ( hint: they may be served on sticks!) and more interesting!

This year, the Obon dances will include quite a few "LIVE" music -- by Jenna, Traci, Elaine, Enshane, Wynn and Yuki Sensei! They are already praciticing hard!

This Sunday, OBT sangha came together to start cleaning the temple ground during Dharma Exchange. Kids, youths and grown ups all worked together to make the temple ground clean and welcoming for upcoming Obon!

Ofcourse, there are Kimono Sale and Obon Dance practices leading up to Obon. Obon Fest is ofcourse, super fun, but all the preparation is also lots of fun! Come to the temple to experience all the fun! If you are looking to volunteer while doing something fun and meeting new friends, come volunteer for our Obon Fest!


Upcoming Happenings :

7/13(Sat) Obon Services at Nokotsudo, Gresham an Rose City

7/14(Sun) Obon / Hatsubon Memorial Service, Shotsuki Hoyo for July

7/28(Sun)Temple Grounds clean up as our Dharma Exchange

8/3(Sat) Obon Fest!!! (3pm-9pm)

8/4(Sun) Obon Fest clean up, no Sunday Service

8/11(Sun) Shotsuki Hoyo for August


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