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Online Buddhist Events!


We hope you are enjoying a lovely autumn!

Here in Pacific Northwest, we are having a lot of rain and colorful leaves!

There are a couple of online events coming up that may be interesting for you -- unfortunately, the two events share the same time ... they sound both so good and interesting, but are both on Saturday, October 30th between 11am and 1pm, PST.

The first one to introduce, is a lecture "The Three Poisons In Our Life" by our Bishop, Rev. Marvin Harada! It is a part lecture and a part discussion.

The second event to introduce is an online symposium "Faith and Science : Awakening Compassion for the Future".

Presented on Zoom by the Jodo Shinshu (Buddhist) International Office, the purpose of this interfaith event is to think what we can do for our future.

Either of them would be a great way to spend two hours on a Saturday! Please consider participating in one of these events! :-)



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